Last month I started a new blog series ‘Business Chat’ where I will be talking to some of my clients, mentors and business friends and discovering their top business tips, hacks and some useful little nuggets of wisdom from their years in business!

Today my guest is Rachael Savage of Simplified Accounting Limited and she is going to share her top tips for staying productive.

Hi Rachael, can you tell us a bit about what you do?

I work with businesses who need my support and advice, they are often struggling with time, financial understanding and feel stressed and overwhelmed by the numbers.

Working with me helps them feel more in control of their accounts and tax and gives them an understanding of the numbers in their business.

So you must spend a lot of time online or using tech?

Yes! Everything is online – all my software is cloud-based which means I can work where I want, generally, it will be from my office at home but I can grab the laptop and work remotely as the mood takes me.

I’d love to know – how do you stay organised with all of your clients, projects and tech tools? Are there any apps you couldn’t live without?

To keep myself organised and on top of what I am doing for all my clients I use Asana, I readily know what needs to be done and when – I can’t believe I spent so long keeping all that information on spreadsheets (thank you for getting me to see the light!).

I work with Xero for my own internal accounts and for all clients where I do the bookkeeping and reporting too, the Xero App helps me when I am out and about on the move as I can photo a coffee shop receipt and upload it straight away – no more hunting around the bottom of a bag (yes, accountants are just the same as you and do that too!).

And a non-work one that I love is FamCal – we all have access to it so hubby can put in when he has things on and so can the teen – and they can see what is happening and when so that (in theory) I don’t have to remind them both all the time! It’s also got a shopping list section so when they need anything it can get popped on there for when I do the online supermarket order!

I took the controversial decision back in November to take work emails off my phone and that is bliss and I would recommend that to everyone – being able to feel free of email is amazing.

Wow, that was a brave move! Are there any other tips you want to share?

Despite the above, I have gone back to a pencil and paper diary to plan my week – I have three tasks each day that I must do and ticking them off is bliss!

Working from home and for yourself can get lonely – so get out there, work in other places and have your tribe to support you who you can chat to about work, life and everything else – it definitely makes a difference.

I hope you’ll agree there’s some top advice from Rachael here! You can find her on Instagram, online and over on Facebook too.

I’d like this to be a regular series so if you’re interested in sharing your business tips then get in touch! I’d love to hear from you.

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