As the owner of an established and successful business, you know you’ve got this whole business thing nailed. 

You’re feeling overwhelmed with all-the things and are ready to expand your business further, but you know you can’t do that without the right tools, systems and support team in place.

But outsourcing is scary right? I get it! Your business is your baby and having anyone else involved with that can feel like handing your child to a stranger. 

Focus on what you could do with the extra time you’ll get back (and I promise, you will!)… you could finally start that course you’ve been meaning to do, or spend more time with your family. It’s worth your investment.

Whether your business is growing steadily or you’re going through a big transition, hiring an Online Business Manager will help take away so much of the day to day stress of running your business.

You’ve probably outsourced before, but maybe it didn’t work out. Or it did, but you don’t have time to manage all of those moving parts.

An Online Business Manager can swoop in, act as your right hand and get things done. Not only supporting you with all the day-to-day admin that comes with running a business, but also being your right hand support – overseeing tasks and projects, managing a team if you have one, improving systems and procedures… More Than Admin.

Here are some examples of how I spend my days with client work… 



Calendar management

Canva graphics

Client onboarding

Email management

Email newsletters / campaigns

Event logistics

Lead nurturing

Project management


Social media scheduling

Task management

Tracking sales/costs vs budget

Uploading blogs

Website tweaks

My Online Business Manager packages are based on my years of experience as a VA and knowing what the most immediate support you need is likely to be.

They are completely bespoke to you and your business, but you can always expect:


Regular check-in calls to discuss ongoing tasks and projects

Brainstorm new ideas or make plans to hit your goals

Day to day admin taken care of with little input from you

A sounding board to sense check or bounce ideas around

Fully focused on you and your business – number of clients I work with is limited

Bigger picture of your business – making sure your operations are running smoothly

Systems, processes and procedures documented in a business manual

A friend and cheerleader to support you and your business 

I completely understand that every business is different which is why I create bespoke packages tailored to you and your business.

I’m super happy to be working with some fabulous business owners and am therefore currently operating a wait list for new VA/OBM clients.

Hit the button below and I’ll get in touch when a space opens up for you. Or check out my Systems Surgery services to see if there’s anything there that can help you in the meantime.

Sadie is my right arm. I couldn’t run my small business without her. She is diligent, committed, accurate, creative and supportive. She has a flexible attitude that balances saying yes when she can with ‘managing up’ when needed. She gives me her honest opinion and has good business sense. She always tries to find a solution to a challenge and has a positive attitude. I value her immensely and highly recommend her as a VA. But she’s more than just a VA, she is a business partner.

Shannon Houde

Walk of Life Coaching