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You may have noticed a few changes around here in the last couple of months – you know, nothing huge… just a new business, new name, new website, new paperwork – there’s a lot that comes with brand changes and developments so I thought I’d share some tips on uplevelling your business on the blog, in case they inspire you to make those changes you’ve been thinking of for a while.

Before I delve into the tips, though, I want to make it super clear and transparent that these aren’t always changes that you can jump into overnight. There was a lot of work behind the scenes that went into me moving my VA business to an OBM one. I worked with a Mentor to support me with my own business strategy and my mindset; I spoke to my VA clients about my own business changes; created new packages and spent a good amount of time updating the back-end of my own business before launching it out into the world.

So often it’s easy to see the glossy success stories without the hard work that always goes on behind the scenes and I want to be honest that these things are amazing, they’re possible for you but you have to be willing to put the work in, too.

Here are my Top Five things to consider when uplevelling your business:

  • Once you’ve chosen your name, make sure you snag your email address and your domain name. Once you’ve got that, you can update your eSignature. Ensure you direct your old domain and / or email to point to your new one, so that all communications go to your new email alias.
  • Be sure to use something like to collate all of your new logins – you’ll need to update your access details and share these with your team.
  • Obviously a biggie in uplevelling is updating your website and copy. I worked alongside a copywriter to create the mood and feeling of my new brand. It was so important that I conveyed that through my online shop window – what do you think?
  • A logo and your visual brand identity. To be honest, this came really easily to me. I love colour and had a real vision of how I wanted things to look. Make sure you keep a note of your HEX colours so that, when you outsource to a team, it makes everything much easier.
  • Finally, the biggest part of uplevelling my brand this summer has been bringing on a team! Support with copy and workflow organisation, brand photography (coming soon!) and systems has been huge for me but all of these brilliant people who are now part of my team are helping me take my business to the next level.

….and I can’t wait to see what the future brings!

Pop me an email if you’re interested in learning more about uplevelling your own business and I will add you to my Waiting List –